Christian Science Healing: A Demand of the Times

Saturday, June 30, 4 PM, 70 Cameron Street

“Healing” is very much a buzzword of the times—whether for illness or conflict or even what seems to be government paralysis today.  Lecturer Martha R. Moffett explains why healing—especially healing based on divine law—is in fact a demand of the times.   She will be speaking on this topic Saturday June 30 at 4 pm at the Christian Science church in Southampton.

Martha has actually devoted her career to solving problems through the application of law, both human and divine law.  After receiving her law degree from Boston University, she became a trial lawyer with the antitrust division of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington.  She then went into private practice, specializing in securities litigation and white collar crime.

Her husband’s job as the Middle East correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor took her to Israel, where she worked for a nonprofit human rights group as well as for an Israeli law firm in the area of international law.

During her legal career, Martha was developing a deeper interest in another kind of law: the law of God that Christ Jesus applied with such consistent healing results.  Her understanding of this divine law increased until she left her law practice to devote full time to the public practice of Christian Science healing.  For the last 7 years she has traveled the world as a Christian Science lecturer.  When not lecturing, she and her husband make their home in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The lecture venue is at 70 Cameron Street in Southampton (corner of Cameron and Pine Streets), just a block off Main Street.  Light refreshments will follow the lecture. For more information, call (631) 283-5772.